From The Desk of Karsh

“Chile, it’s all a blur at this point.”

Hey, hi, hello, yo, what’s up?

*sigh* I’m tired, y’all. (That could be this whole post, honestly, but I owe you and me a bit more than that.)

These past few months of unemployment during this pandemic have been wildly busy. I’ve been taking calls with people to catch up, as well as responding back to some email requests, mainly so I can keep my name and work out there (hello momentum!) but also so I don’t focus on everything else happening in this country right now. I had told some people that I was going to treat this time as a period of rest and relaxation, but my Type A personality stepped in and shut that down real quick.

Don’t even get me started on the stress around just re-doing my resume so I can start applying for jobs.

Anyway, it’s now the middle of July here, and with coronavirus cases hitting record highs every day, it’s pretty clear that we’re not going to see the end of this shit for a very long time. Spend a few minutes on Instagram on Twitter and you’ll see that people are not social distancing, not wearing masks, and just carrying on with their regular summer routines like this virus hasn’t already killed almost 140,000 people THIS YEAR. I’ve pretty much cancelled any plans that involve me hopping on a plane, crossing state lines, or at this point, leaving the city in any form of mass transit.

Video games and vaping have been my saving grace. I’ve sunk over 500 hours into Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and now that my island is like I want it, I’m slowly getting back into other games I’ve bought over the months and years. (Still ain’t beat Persona 5 yet, but it is pretty to look at.) Aside from some edibles, my stash of hash is quickly dwindling, so I already know the first thing I’m doing when this country is in the free and clear is traveling to a city where weed is legal and I’m buying up a small fortune of vape cartridges. (I have CBD ones too, but they just help me sleep.)

All this free time and restricted movement has given me time to catch up on television shows, movies, and even do some reading — all things I usually put on the back burner when I’m in my regular routine. I also have more time than ever to dwell on being single and sexless right now, but we’ll save talking about that for another time.

Hell, it almost took me two months just to get THIS post out. Baby steps, y’all.

From The Desk of Karsh

“65 days and counting.”

The last time I left the house to be among society was on March 14.

I left home that morning to go and vote early for this year’s presidential race. Little did I know this would be the last time in a long time that I would probably be among actual people without fear of catching a highly contagious airborne virus that could kill us all.

It’s now Day 65 of being in self-isolated quarantine, which is a lot like Day 64 which is a lot like Day 44 which is like every day since March 14. People ask me how am I holding up and the answer is…okay, I guess? I’m taking things day by day, and some days, hour by hour. I’ve been working remotely for over a decade, and my current gig is also remote, so there were no interruptions. I was already getting groceries delivered because I live in a food desert, and meeting up with friends happened sporadically enough to still maintain relationships but also enjoy copious amounts of me time.

I mean, I should be KILLING this quarantine shit, right?! I’ve got time now to pursue creative endeavors! Read more books! Cook more! Reconnect with people without putting on pants! And yet, most days have consisted of an 8-hour sprint of Zoom calls and Google Hangouts for work followed by smoking weed, ordering delivery for dinner and playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Some days I’ll even throw in a catnap or two.

You might’ve noticed that I referred to my quarantine as self-isolated: spoiler alert — it wasn’t always that way. As of April 30, Georgia’s shelter-in-place orders were lifted, and businesses have been re-opening here in waves. We’re three weeks out now, and well…Atlanta is open. But cases here have not been dropping, folks are not wearing masks, and social distancing is not happening. I’m sure you’ve seen the videos and news stories of people being accosted (and in one case, killed) over enforcing masks or not staying at least 6 feet away from others. Add to that the stigma around Black folks wearing face masks, and I do not see myself being in anyone’s public place of business for the rest of the year. (Look, I saw Watchmen.) And you can forget about me hopping on a plane anytime soon.

I know this isn’t sustainable. And I know it really isn’t good for my mental or physical health if this keeps dragging out. I’ve heard of people creating quarantine bubbles with other folks, and this sounds good…in theory. In practice, it’s no different than how super spreaders transmit the virus; it just happens at a smaller scale.


I don’t know what we are gonna do, y’all. I started blogging here again to try and channel these feelings of restlessness and uncertainty into something else.

The world is changing. How will we change with it?

From The Desk of Karsh

“Guess who’s back?”

It’s amazing what two months in self-isolated quarantine during a global public health crisis can do for rekindling that creative spark.

See you soon.