“Pop it in the air fryer for 5 minutes at 360 degrees.”

  • I think I’ve reached a happy medium with streaming and cable. Here’s my setup:
    • I downgraded my Xfinity cable to their mid-tier plan — 70 or so channels, I think — and shelled out for their gigabit extra Internet plan. My employer pays for this.
    • I get both Netflix and Paramount+ for free through T-Mobile.
    • I get Prime Video for free with my Amazon Prime subscription.
    • I get Peacock for free through regular broadcast NBC.
    • I get YouTube Premium for free through my Google One subscription, which includes extra Google Drive space and automatic phone backups.
    • I get Apple TV+ for free through the cheapest Apple One plan, which includes Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and extra iCloud storage.
    • I get HBO Max through an HBO cable subscription, though I could get it via Hulu or Prime Video as an add-on for the same price. ($14.99/month)
    • I pay for Hulu ($5.99/month) and WOW Presents+ ($4.99/month).
    • I’m at the tail end of my 3-year Disney+ plan. It expires in November, and I might re-up through a bundle with Hulu and ESPN+.
    • I torrent everything else via ShowRSS,, and Plex. (That’s where the fast Internet plan comes in.) I mean, I could torrent all the things, but I don’t.
    • Spoiler alert: I watch YouTube the most out of all of these.
  • Muji discontinued their Relax essential oil blend, and I feel some kinda way about it. Back in the pre-pandemic days when I was traveling regularly, that blend would be my scent of choice to help make every hotel room feel comfortable. During the pandemic, it ended up becoming my go-to scent to calm me down for the day as I wind down to bed. Now I gotta create a new scent memory! Ugh.
  • Because me and #theapps just don’t mix, I recently joined to try and get back out there and date again. Can someone come write my profile? (I’m halfway serious about that.)
  • Is manifesting the qualities you want in a partner the new age version of a Kameelah list?
  • The latest pandemic purchase that’s been getting me through the days is a pug…well, a pug pillow. (I’m not paying $400 for a pet deposit.)
  • I have rediscovered the joys of ShoutCast radio stations, friends. Remember SomaFM? It’s still going strong! You name a music genre, and there’s a good chance there’s a ShoutCast radio station dedicated to it. I’ve been on a huge city pop kick lately, so I tune in daily to City Pop One.
  • Between Jerrod Carmichael officially coming out and the Zach reveal on Abbott Elementary, it’s been a good week for Black gay representation. As cliché as it sounds in 2022 at my big age, it feels good to be seen.

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