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“Am I going through ‘the change’?”

Oh look — it’s Halloween and I’m posting again! (At least last year, I gave y’all a fancast.)

Halloween may have fallen on the weekend again this year, but I’m in the house and not out and about, despite being fully vaccinated and boosted up. Even got a flu shot! I could put a $20 in some stripper’s jockstrap with my teeth and come out unscathed with this level of protection. But fuck, it’s a Sunday, so I’m in the house, bonnet on, vape pen charged, and just killing time until this week’s timeline-tormenting episode of Insecure.

A lot has changed since July! Remember that new gig I just started? I quit a week later! At the same time all that was happening, Ma’dea suddenly passed away. The combination of all that happening meant July was a whirlwind of a month. I got thrown into funeral prep, Zoom funeral prep, supporting my mom, trying to get in touch with distant relatives, going back to Alabama for a bit (shout-out to Twin for really being a true friend), and then spending August and September out of a job and parked on my couch playing Persona 5 Royal. Not exactly a “Hot Girl Summer”, but I did get a job offer and an advance, so I basically got paid to be sad and play video games.

Teenage Karsh would think I was living the dream, I bet.

I started the new gig earlier this month — another startup, quelle suprise — and things have been good. I’m overseeing a really big creative project, and it’s the kind of creative project I’ve always wanted to do. (I have to be intentionally vague about it, mainly because it’s an international project, but you know how it is around here.) Income is coming in, and even though I had a couple of dating false starts over the past few months, things are pretty good right now.

Oh, the book, you ask? Wanna know how progress is going?

Well…it’s a process. I’ve mainly just been recording long voice notes with transcription via Otter, and then copying those over into Scrivener. I don’t know if this is a good process or not, but on a lot of days, laying in bed and just talking out loud has been super cathartic. Why not capture that for the book?

That’s pretty much all that’s been going on these days. But before I go — gay men, this is just for you — let me hip you to a new scent that has been driving me crazy.



All clear? Okay.

Get you some Sri Pada essential oil from Hewn and add it to your bedroom’s oil vaporizer or oil diffuser. It smells just like a man’s taint and it is intoxicating to your boy.

(I need a man. Whew.)

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