“Take 1 capsule 1 to 3 times daily.”

I miss great sex.

Not good sex. Not okay sex. I mean hot, sweaty, ass-slapping, lip-nibbling, leaving-footsteps-on-the-wall, back-scratching, loud as hell, “what’s my motherfucking name?” type sex. It’s been longer than I can remember since I’ve had that — we’re talking well before the pandemic — and now that the seasons are switching from summer to fall, the distant memories of fucks gone by are resurfacing with alarming clarity.

That not to say I haven’t been getting it in, but casual sex during this time is even riskier than ever. And what’s worse, men I’ve encountered are at peak horniness due to the lockdowns and quarantining. Just look at Twitter. There’s a whole not-so-hidden underbelly of The Bird that is filled with homemade videos of all kinds of sex acts (most for sale on OnlyFans, which really should be its own separate post). Who needs to shell out cash for Grindr or Scruff subscriptions when you’ve got equal access to pretty much whatever you’re looking for sexually for free?

Speaking of #theapps, the pandemic has not stopped the constant onslaught of sex on these platforms. Men are either looking to fuck, get fucked, or they’re shaming others for wanting to fuck or get fucked. Don’t get me started on how angry so many dudes appear on #theapps.

Maybe they would be nicer if they were getting laid more?

As nice as it’s been to remember my past sexcapades, I just haven’t been interested in sex at all since this pandemic started taking hold here. A blowjob here and there would be nice to take the edge off, but I think I’m getting desensitized to the real thing because I’m bombarded with all this sex on social media and #theapps. Being that hypersexual right from the start is a huge turn-off, even if I am in the mood.

I will say this: the time I’ve spent with myself during this quarantine has made me realize how much I miss intimacy. Cuddling, making out, spooning…I miss that shit something serious. Some of my fondest moments with men have been those kind of tender experiences. Times when we can let our guards down and be soft with each other without judgment or shame.

Man, what I wouldn’t give right now to just lay up with a dude and chat with him, nuzzle close to him, and just share a quiet moment with amidst all this COVID-19 nonsense. That would get my motor running. 

Where’s the app or the OnlyFans account for that? 😩

By karsh

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