The Addams Family Fancast!

They’re creepy. They’re kooky. Some would say, mysteriously spooky. The Addams Family has occupied a unique place in the history of American sitcoms — sardonic, macabre, but also satirical and funny. From the television show to the two hilarious movies from the 90s, The Addams Family unique brand of darkness makes them as fresh and relevant as ever, especially at a time when so many things like astrology, tarot cards, and the like — “the occult” — are now mainstream. Even Tim Burton is looking to develop The Addams Family as a present-day, live-action series!

So in the spirit of Halloween, let’s do a fancast!


Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Fancast!

I don’t remember how I first found out about the Ace Attorney series of games, but once I started in on them, I was hooked on the memorable characters, difficult cases, and the interlocking story between all the installments.

Ace Attorney is one of Capcom’s lesser known franchises (next to Street Fighter or Mega Man), but it definitely holds it own. Next year, the franchise turns twenty years old! There have been spin-off games, an anime series, and of course…a live action film in Japan.

But what if the film was redeveloped and came to the U.S.? Let’s do a fancast!


Fantastic Four Fancast!

I’m a pretty big comic book fan, although I don’t really read as much as I used to as a kid. Fantastic Four was always one of my favorite titles because of that family feel, but man…it has never had a good live action film adaptation.

The 2005 one with Chris Evans as Johnny Storm? Trash.

The 2007 sequel with Silver Surfer? Boring.

The 2015 reboot with Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm? Somehow worse than both its predecessors.

A new Fantastic Four movie has been rumored from Marvel Studios for Phase 4, so let’s have a little fun and do a fancast!

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“Promise me you’re not here to sow discord in the fields of my peace.”

I started watching Greenleaf this weekend, and I don’t know why it took me so long. Black Southern church drama and family mess? Sign me the fuck up.